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Chinese Bamboo Woodwind Flute C E F G Key Professional Musical Instruments C122-1300183

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Name: Chinese Bamboo Flute
Model: 908066
C Key length: 68cm diameter: about 2.5cm
E Key length about 58cm diameter about 2.2cm
F Key length: 53cm diameter: about 2.1cm
G Key length: about 48cm diameter: about 2cm
Single insert brass, two imitation bovine bone design, grass lettering.
Material used is selected more than three years of bamboo.
Non-toxic and very durable.
Exquisite workmanship, round hole,accurate pronunciation,melodious flute.
Interface double plug brass design, connect more closely.
Flute body carved verses, full of charm of China.
Package Included:
1 x Bamboo Flute
1 x Bamboo Membrane
1 x Chinese Knot
1 x Red Bag